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Create top-notch business card

There’s no doubt that most businesses owners aree concerned about their marketing campaigns. In business nowadays, branding is everything. So that creating an effective brand name is the very first thing business owners have to do for their business.

So if you're a business owner, have you make your brand name yet? Don't forget to create a perfect logo design that would match your business. If you're about to create Custom Logo Design, I would suggest you to take a look at You can try their Free Logo and Business Card Creator. If you don't like the final design, you don't have to pay a cent.

Their custom logo creation process includes six steps as follow.

For first step, you need to choose image that would reflect your company stance such as High-tech, Bold or Flair.

For second step, you need to choose the industry of your company such as Arts, Automotive, Engineering, Real Estate, etc. After that, you need to choose the symbol that would reflect your company for the third step. And then type the name of your company for the fourth step. For the fifth step, you can customize the layout as anyway you like. Then, finally, if you like what you've created you can buy as a sixth step or you can go back to any step you want to change anything or start over again to try new mind blowing logo.

Their six-step custom logo design creation process is very easy, convenient for everyone. If you don't like the logo, you won't be charged anything. If you like the design, for $69, you can save your logo. If you want your logo with the business card design, then you need to pay $99. I think it's a great deal to have such a nice, professional and credible logo design.

For this review, I have created one business card design for Bridge to Nova. This is really great. Take a look!

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Well, we are very curious with our competitions. Sometimes, we really want to know how much of the subscribers do they have too? For me, I haven't publicly shown my feed subscriber counts yet even though I am having a quite impressive number for me.

Well, anyway, if you want to view the feedburner counts of the blogs that don't display, you might be able to see it if you're lucky. In fact, lucky here means those blog owners should have got change of mind and should be stupid too.

Here's how to achieve this.

This is my feed address.

If you want to see my subscriber, you should type in the address bar as follow.

What do you see now?

I'm not lying to you. You can't see my counts because I know this trick and I've already prevented from it by deactivating in my feedburner dashboard. But hey, there are a lot of bloggers out there who don't know this and you can check their feed counts.
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Unlock your DVD player for region free

Do you know that every DVD player that comes with your PC is limited to your region? Here's how DVD regions are divided.


So if you live in region 1 (that's USA), you can't play DVD from region 2 (Europe) or any other region except region 1. DVD manufactures limit DVD players for a reason. By dividing the region, they could make sure film makers could set the price based on specific region. If a movie is popular in USA, buying region 1 DVD for that movie might be more expensive than the very same film in region 2 DVD.

So how can you unlock DVD region? Well, thanks to, you can unlock your DVD player within a few seconds. All you have to do is find your DVD player model in their list. If your model is listed, they can 100% guarantee that their method will work. They can unlock over 1500 mainstream DVD players. So if you are sick of malfunction DVD from your friends of other region, you should start unlocking your DVD player now. Hurry up, if you buy before midnight today, you can grab this precious software for just $9.95. What are you waiting for?

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If you are using Windows Vista like me, you must be familiar with the following dialog box, don't you? This is because of Windows Vista new addition security feature called User Account Control (UAC).


Some people gave up on Vista and return to XP because of UAC. Well, it is quite surprise to know that some people couldn't figure out how to disable UAC and they simply blame on Microsoft. These people are really pathetic.

Let me show you how easy it is to disable UAC.

1. Simply go to Start Menu -->> Control Panel -->> User Accounts

2. After that simply click on Turn User Account Control on or off as shown in the picture below.

turn uac off

3. You will see the last time UAC dialog to click Continue.

4. And then rebooted your computer.

Simple, huh? Enjoy your Vista!

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Sometimes our hard disk contains a lot of data, photos, music and video files. It is quite common for us to accidentally delete important files. What can you do if you accidentally delete your files or lost your files because of nasty viruses?

Well, you can recover deleted files easily by using programs from With this software, possibilities are endless. You can recover any types of your files no matter they are photos, musics, videos, or whatever. I can say that if you delete it, you can easily recover it.

So, I highly recommend you to check this software and get it. It would really come in handy when your disaster strikes.

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